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Brain Cancer Patient Shares Her Journey

Ammy brain cancer patient

Favourite quote:

“Rejoice rebuild the storm has passed” Frank turner the next storm. I even got it tattooed in the man’s handwriting to mark finishing treatment.

Closely followed by ‘get swifty’ take a shit on the floor.

Ammy was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2016. She is fighting her disease. She shares her journey on her blog to spread awareness.

 The Diagnosis

She was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2016.

The Journey

Ammy brain cancer patient journey

“I started getting ill in October of 2016 lots of headaches, missing lots of work, and being sick a lot. Towards the end of October I had spent 3 weeks bedbound, couldn’t eat or drink, constantly being sick, so I took myself to the doctor who ran blood tests showing a high white blood cell count.

He said to come back in a couple weeks for a check-up. I was starting to feel better and my blood tests returned to normal. Then I woke up in the middle of the night about a week later in so much pain in my head I couldn’t move. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had an MRI scan showing a tumor in my brain.

I was then blue lighted to south mead hospital, Bristol, for surgery. A biopsy and debulking were done initially leading us to believe that the tumor was benign. I was asked to return a few weeks later for another debulking, but during the 3 weeks I spent at home, the tumor had almost completely grown back. So the initial debulking was repeated.

It was then noticed my blood count was too low and I had a blood transfusion, sent to the ICU where again my blood count dropped and I had another blood transfusion. A week later it was discovered that I had cancer grade 3. Very quickly I was transferred to Bristol royal infirmary. I started 6 weeks of radio every day Monday to Friday. I also had chemo every day including weekends, I got a break from chemo for a week before I went back on to chemo every day for what should have been a year.

Unfortunately, my platelet levels got too low and after 6 months my chemo was stopped, so future treatments are possible as not all the tumor can be removed. I now have scans every 4 months to keep an eye on things and I have been stable for almost 2 years.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My biggest motivation is definitely my family and partner. I would and could do anything for them!”

Biggest hindrance

“I’d say my biggest hindrance is losing my job as I have had too much time off ill. I also can’t drive as it’s a brain tumor and I have a left sided weakness so wouldn’t be able to control a car. My social life has also suffered as I have a few bad days still and can’t leave the house”

Message to other cancer patients

Ammy brain cancer patient message

“Do not listen to statistics, you are the king or queen of your own story. Statistically, I should have relapsed by a year to 18 months, and I’m still here fighting. You can do it too.”

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