Anal Cancer Survivor Now An Actor And Public Speaker

anal cancer survivor story

“God must not be done with me. There is a plan and I need to be here for it.”

Daniel G Garza was diagnosed with anal cancer on May 5. He has successfully defeated his disease. He now an actor and public speaker

The Diagnosis:

“I was diagnosed on May 5 or Cinco de Mayo, which is funnier. It all started because I was very bloated, couldn’t go to the bathroom. I had a doctor visit and explained to him what was going on. He has always accused me of having bad eating habits, which I did. Then just before leaving I mentioned a hernia. He saw it and realized that I might have a strangulated intestine.

I had surgery and we thought that would be it. I still was bloated and had issues. My surgeon did a finger check and could feel a mass, he sent me back to my primary doctor, he did the finger check, felt the mass. Sent me to a colorectal doctor, fingers, mass.

The colonoscopy was scheduled immediately. The diagnosis came back; anal cancer. I did chemo and radiation during the summer of 2015. I finished on 4th of July, you know there is a special celebration for me.

As you can see I survived, it was a pain in the butt, but it’s all behind me now!”

The Journey

journey of anal cancer survivor

“My journey, I wish I could say was calm, but far from. I lost a lot of weight, from 175 to 123 pounds. For a short while couldn’t walk. I was mad that I was having to go through this when my life was taking such a positive turn.

I was mad that my boyfriend and family had to go through this.

Part of my therapy was doing videos on YouTube for my friends to follow my journey; the good and bad. I didn’t hold back.

There were days when I wanted to die then other days I wanted to fight.”

Motivation to fight cancer:

“I wasn’t ready to die. That was it. Not that I was scared of dying but I had dreams, goals, hopes. I didn’t want to leave Christian, my boyfriend, alone.

I had learned how strong my body was and how powerful my mind could be.

I survived AIDS, Drug & Alcohol Addiction… Cancer, spancer!.”

Biggest hindrance:

“Sometimes there was miscommunication between my doctors. Which is why I did chemo & radiation at the same time. That is how I had complications come up. A fistula, some tears, an artery that burst. A near death experience. Extra hospital stay. Days in diapers. Lots of soups. ”

Message to other cancer patients:

anal cancer survivor sharing message

“Cry, laugh, make jokes, curse, but do it for you. Don’t worry about how other folks feel. Unless someone has gone through it, they’ll never know how you feel. You will need your energy to get better. Don’t use to make others feel better.

Journal, video, podcast, record your journey so you can look back and see how strong you really are!”

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